Identification of main stakeholders and areas of interest in Horizon2020, and development of customized action plans.
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A successful and continued engagement in EU Programmes requires integrated action plans to be drawn up including short and medium term plans for proactive participation. To this end, it is necessary to identify and create opportunities from the different work programmes and to develop  networking opportunities through partnership and strategic alliances.

Our highly experienced CPI2020 staff, will identify, in collaboration with the research group, the main interest areas in Horizon 2020 and will design action plans including:

  • Interest areas and actions needed to define and implement a European Research Strategy.
  • Strategic Alliance identification and formation.
  • Networking opportunity identification and deployment.

These studies will be developed at the request of UPV research groups previously registered in CPI2020. Those registered groups that did not coincide with formally recognised groups in departments or with other research structures -centres or institutes- will have to send a brief summary of their capacities, composition and previous experience. In any case, a preliminary analysis of applicant group experience and capacities will be done before making the study. CPI2020 staff will actively participate in the implementation of the Networking and Strategic Alliance development activities, leading them or collaborating with research groups in their deployment.


The increased competition in EU Research programmes requires specific training in proposal preparation and writing. CPI2020 offers high-quality training services to the UPV community at two levels:

  • Organization of training courses and workshops on proposal writing. The training courses will be addressed to all the UPV personnel involved in proposal preparation.
  • Direct involvement in proposal preparation. This will consist of working as a freelance writer in a fully coordinated way with our team for up to approximately 3 months. This activity is aimed at PhD students and researchers. 

Proposal preparation

The funding of EU projects is also dependent on non-scientific objectives (in fact only 1 out of 3 evaluation criteria are purely scientific). For a successful outcome, a professional approach is required  from idea selection and filtering, to consortium building and proposal writing.

CPI 2020 offers proposal writing services for those UPV Research Groups that had a European Research Strategy for Horizon 2020 and require it. These services consist of:

  • Identification of potentially successful ideas from an initial stage and direction to the appropriate  programme.
  • Formation of winning consortium.
  • Proposal writing of identified potentially successful ideas. This includes critical integration of the work plan and State of the Art, provided by the research group and partners, in the proposal. Scientific-Technical information provided by researchers will be complemented with commercial and EU policy objectives. This will be done from the initial idea selection, to the consortium building and proposal writing.
  • Training of researchers in key success factors of EU research proposals.

This service is provided only for UPV research groups registered in CPI2020.

NOTE: The activity of CPI2020 in proposal writing is success-oriented, therefore only those proposals with the greatest possibilities of success will be selected for writing. Furthermore, if the proposal is funded, CPI2020 will retain part of the grant awarded. This will be formalised by an agreeement with Fundación CPI.

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